Huge Fortunes – Most Valuable Discoveries

Most of us only dream of finding lost fortunes, a pirates treasure, a huge gold nugget, a copy of the declaration of independence, or heck even finding a $100 bill. For some people it is a reality, where a chance encounter led to millions of dollars. While most of us can only hope, we can still read about them, so here a few of the most fascinating ones we have come across.

Buried Gold Coins

Location: Northern California, USA
Value: $10,000,000
Year Found: 2014

Back in 2014 a Northern California couple was out walking their down on their land (or so they claim) when they noticed the top of a rusty object barely sticking about the ground.  Upon further inspection they realized it was an old tin canister and dug it up for get a better look at what could be inside.  After opening it they found a bunch of round discs covered in dirt and only after brushing it off had they realized what they found.  Nearly perfectly preserved gold coins from the 1890’s and there was more where that came from.  Returning to the same spot they revealed many more canisters with a total of over 1,000 gold coins.

Boldini Painting

Location: Paris, France
Value: $2,000,000
Year Found: 2010

In early 2010 a French woman in her early 90’s passed away of old age and her family inherited her all of here belongings.  While there was nothing of much value in her home, her family soon learned that she had another secret apartment in Paris that she had been paying for, for over 60 years.  After making there way inside this apartment there were amazed to see that it looked like it had not been touched in decades.  Full of old furniture and artwork, they made the discovery of a lifetime.  A previously unknown painting by Giovanni Boldini worth millions was hanging on the wall in near perfect condition.

Norman Rockwell Painting

Location: Arlington, VA
Value: $15,000,000
Year Found: 2006

Back in 2006 a man with close ties to Norman Rockwell, and a huge fan, passed away in his late 80’s.  His favorite painting “Breaking Home Ties” hung prominently on the wall of his office, a painting he purchased in directly from Rockwell in the 50’s.  His son’s who had always admired the painting inherited it after their father’s death and eventually decided to donate it to a museum.  A few years later his sons were comparing an earlier picture of the painting and the one they had given to the museum and noticed a few differences.  They realized the painting they had given to the museum was replica.  Shocked by this, the son’s went back to the house and after searching for hours discovered a small hidden room, covered by a fake wall, which housed the original.