Look Younger – Secrets That Work

Everyone wants to look younger, well everyone my age at least.  It isn’t easy and there is definitely no fountain of youth that is going to have you looking 25 again over night, but there are things you can do that will drastically improve your looks.  Believe me I have tried many different things over the years and have come up with my own small list of what I think makes the best improvement.

Conceal Wrinkles By Starting With Primer

Skip the foundation and go right with a quality primer. Foundation cakes on your face, makes a mess, and often can crack, it may have looked great when you were younger but in not what you should be using anymore. A could quality primer will make you skin look great and will also fill in any wrinkles or smile lines that you have put on over the years.

Color In The Lines

OK, so I may have lied a little about skipping out on foundation completely.  While we still do not want to use it on the majority of our face, the secret is to use it on your lips where you will be applying lipstick.  A nice coat of foundation applied prior will keep your lipstick from running into any wrinkles you may have on the edge of your lips.


Rest Those Tired Eyes

Nothing makes you looked more aged than tired dark bags under your eyes.  Do your self a favor and get more rest, you will not only feel better but your face will show it as well.  Other things you can do are cut back on salty foods, stay hydrated and give cool cucumber slices over your eyes a try.  And if all else fails, sunglasses are your best friend.