Northern New York Institution for Deaf Mutes

“Harrison Green” |  1884 | Malone, NY

A hot spot for local photographers, the Northern New York Institute for Deaf Mutes was erected by Henry Closson Rider, in 1884. These buildings originally housed over one hundred children from twenty-three different counties of Eastern New York. Over time, it was opened up for public education and renamed Northern New York Institute for the Deaf in 1932, as there was controversy over the word “Mutes”. Within four years. in 1936, there had been a decline in attendance and by 1943 the number of pupils attending dropped drastically to seventy three. In that year, with a graduating class of only three pupils, the school decided to close it ‘s door. Since, Malone has opted to use these buildings for public school functions, as well as housing North Country Community College Classes for some time before officially closing its doors to the public in the 90’s. There has been a lot of town talk over these buildings due to their dangerous and dilapidated nature, most recently it has been condemned due to a fire started inside one of the buildings. At this time, the abandoned institution is rumored to be up for auction to the public.


Within only a few years, nature has begun to swallow this once respectable shining star of Malone, New York.


In an attempt to keep trespassers out or even safe, the last owner boarded up most of its windows and doors.