The editors of BIRCH Magazine were pleased to sit down with Jacob Tierney, a reporter with the local media outlet the Watertown Daily Times, on Friday afternoon to discuss the magazine and some of the goals we are trying to achieve.

We are grateful to Jacob for the opportunity to spread the word about launching BIRCH and giving voice to some of our intentions and visions for the magazine. You can read an excerpt from the story below and follow the link to continue reading on the Watertown Daily Times website.

Potsdam Pair Plans To Launch Online Magazine Highlighting North Country Culture

*originally published in the Watertown Daily Times

POTSDAM — Two Potsdam residents want to show the north country in a new light with BIRCH, an upcoming online arts and lifestyles magazine focusing on the region’s people and culture.

Founder Ryan Meashaw has been thinking about starting a north country arts magazine for years, and began working on the idea in earnest a few months ago, with the help of fellow north country native Jessie A. Larose.

The two say they want to pair the north country’s stories with a fresh, trendy presentation that captures the region’s unusual personality.

“I think it’s kind of a neat niche that hasn’t been filled yet. Other communities have this sort of thing,” Ms. LaRose said.

Mr. Meashaw studied archaeology, anthropology and art history at SUNY Potsdam. He works at the Clarkson University bookstore and has taught himself graphic design and Web design. He has always looked for ways to express his creativity, he said.

“My mom will tell you I’ve had a pen or pencil in my hands since I can hold one,” he said.

Ms. LaRose works at the Potsdam Food Co-op, where she said she meets interesting people and artists she thinks would make good subjects for the magazine.


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