We are constantly on the lookout for new contributions and submissions to be published in BIRCH. Please get in touch today if you think you might be a good fit for the magazine!

Who Can Submit Articles?

Are you a local artist, writer, photographer? Or do you have something interesting to say about the North Country and want to get involved? BIRCH is seeking regular and occasional submissions for our quarterly issues based on the passing seasons.

Our mission is to highlight the independent spirit and natural wonders of our Upstate NY home. We want to express what a unique region it is through celebrating local arts, culture, history, fashion, food, activities, etc. If you are interested in any or all of this, please get in touch about a regular column or occasional submission.

Why Submit Articles?

Being published in BIRCH Magazine is an excellent way to gain exposure for your business or service as well as getting your name out there and having a say in our community. Each BIRCH contributor receives an author page on our site that includes…

  • a photo and short bio
  • personal social media links
  • a listing of all contributions to BIRCH Magazine

All submissions are accepted by email at editor@ and should either be attached as a plain text document or included in the body of the email. Any other accompanying files such as photographs, sound files, or videos should be attached separately from the text document.



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