10 Richest New York Residents

New York has over 8 million residents and many very high earners.  It has one of the highest median incomes if not the highest of any city in the US. Because of these factors it takes a huge net worth to become one of the richest in the state.  Being in the top 10 would put you not only in the top 1% but in the top .0001%.   We hope you enjoy our list below, these individuals come from all walks of life and some are sure to surprise you.

Ranking: 10th
Name: Leonard Lauder
Age: 84
Net Worth: $9 Billion

New York resident Leonard Lauder has a net worth of just over $9 Billion and is currently the chairman emeritus of Estee Lauder a company founded by his parents.  Before joining the company  he graduated Wharton, studied at Columbia, and served as a US Navy lieutenant, all before the age of 25.

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