5 Must See Hikes Upstate New York

New York has close to 200 state parks and even more hiking trails which makes it very tough to decide which hike is the best. However we have scoped out many of our local trails and consulted with many seasoned hikers to come up with our top 5 list. These trails can offer amazing views, hidden wildlife sanctuaries, and a feel of being away from it all.

Hike: Cascade Moutain
Location: Adirondacks
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.5 Miles

Cascade Mountain is a very popular hike and for good reason.  The reward at the top is amazing views of the Great Range.  In the summer months and on weekends it however can draw a large crowd making parking difficult.  Walks of close to half a mile just to reach the trail are not uncommon so plan ahead and try to get their early or visit on an off day.  Overall this is a moderately difficult hike but can still be down with younger children and can be done in less than 6 hours round trip, and much less if you are an experienced hiker.

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